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We buy high-potential Salesforce ISVs and help them scale.

Join experienced founders who have built and grown multiple companies - Salesforce product companies and a Unicorn level scale up company.  We understand the world you are in and have the tools to help you grow

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Meet the team

For founders, by founders

Our goal is to build a company founders thrive in. To help you and your company grow. Building world class teams and processes and letting you focus on your products and customers.

Peter Lindholm

Founder & Chair

3rd time founder most recently co-founder of Frontier Car Group, a BUSD auto e-commerce company based in 15+ markets.

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James Gasteen

Founder & CEO

2nd time founder with over 10 years experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. Founder of Precursive PSA native to Salesforce. Successfully funded and merged Salesforce ISVs.

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Moritz Birke

Founder & CFO

Highly experienced with everything M&A related – from deal sourcing to deal execution, as well as post-merger integration...

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Neil Crawford

Founder & CPO

2nd time founder involved in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 10 years. Co-founded NC Squared a Salesforce ISV company.

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Our process

We are transparent, respect your time and privacy and try to make this process easy. Whatever stage you are at we welcome people getting in touch. One of the Unaric team can tell you more about us and answer any questions you may have on the process.


Initial meeting with the team to understand your business and learn how we work.


If there’s a good fit on both sides we’ll make an offer. You can opt to keep running your company as part of  Unaric or step back.


Once the deal closes your company will join Unaric and start benefitting from its resources.

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Who we partner with

We look for ISVs who need help to scale and would benefit from being part of a bigger ISV network and having access to our experts.

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Salesforce platform

We’re looking for companies with products in the Salesforce ecosystem.


We’re looking for bootstrapped businesses which are profitable or self-sufficient and growing.

Recurring revenue

We’re looking for companies retaining a customer base and generating a revenue of at least $500k ARR.

Why Unaric is different

Venture Capital

Broad deal sizes $1m - $1bn+
No cash to founders, just money to grow
3 - 6 month complex process
Pressure to provide 10–100X returns
Heavy dilution and investor biased terms
Strong management team required with long lock in
Limited support beyond finance
Not focused on Salesforce ecosystem

Private Equity

Limited deal sizes $3m+
Complex deals limited cash up front
3 - 6 month complex process
Short term investors chasing quick returns
Heavy dilution and investor biased terms
Leadership tied in for 3-5 years
Intervene and change your culture
Not focused on Salesforce ecosystem


Buys ISVs from -$500k-$100m+
Flexible deals - leave tomorrow and/or join us for the long term!
Quick process - we go as fast as you can go!
Seller friendly terms - extra incentives for teams that want to join us!
Join a culture which respects you and your company!
Founder friendly - we have been in your shoes and built companies
Get help. Sales, marketing, tech. We take care of your legal, finance and HR activities
Salesforce focused. We understand the space

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Even if you're not sure now is the right time to exit we're always open to a conversation, we're a friendly bunch!

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Our Investors

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Frequently asked questions

How do you value my business?
How does Unaric work with acquired companies?
How long do I have to stay around for after acquisition?
I don’t think now is the right time to sell my business, but I might be interested in the future. What do I do?
Is Unaric in it for the long run?
We are multiple founders - do we all need to stay on?
What does a deal look like?
What jobs/activities will you take off my plate?
Where is Unaric based?
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